Crab risotto recipe

Crab risotto recipe

Anyone that knows me knows I love crab, especially the lovely fresh pots we get from the

This recipe is a classic risotto, and I’ve topped it with samphire to add a different texture and a bit of crunch. Save this and recreate ️

Ingredients (3-4 people):
Handful chives, finely chopped
1L fish stock
225g risotto rice
1 white onion, finely chopped
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
100ml white wine
25g butter
3tbsp creme fraiche
Samphire to serve
Oil for frying
Salt and pepper
0.5 tbsp lemon juice
250g mixed crab meat, white and brown meat roughly separated (or dressed crabs) have crab which is good!

1. Add a glug of oil to a deep risotto pan (I use a deep frying pan). Add the onions and cook on medium heat until translucent or for 5 mins.
2. Make up your fish stock if you’re using cubes/pots and have ready in a bowl or pan on the side. Use the water to stock ratio on the pots. Add garlic to the onions and fry for 3 mins.
3. Add the wine to the onions and garlic and cook until nearly gone, then add the risotto rice and fry for a minute. Add the stock 100-200ml at a time, each time stirring until it disappears and adding the next 100-200ml.
4. When you have used nearly all the stock, add the brown crab meat and stir through. When the rice is al dente (keep adding stock and cooking it in until it is), then add nearly all of the white crab meat.
5. Fry your samphire in another pan in some oil for 4-5 mins. Add creme fraiche to the risotto and cook for 2 more mins. Add in most of the chives and the butter and stir through. Season to taste (a good pinch of salt and a good few turns of pepper) then serve topped with the leftover crab, a squeeze of lemon juice, samphire and chives.

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  1. Pure heaven love crab will need to try this. Do you use stock cubes or make your own?

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