The best boozy tiramisu recipe

The best boozy tiramisu recipe ️

AD/GIFTED age 18+*

What could be better than tiramisu? BOOZY tiramisu! have a coffee flavoured tequila and when I tried it I immediately wanted to cook with it as well as drink it, it is SO delicious. You can buy it and all of their other tequilas on Amazon at the moment – give it a go, you won’t regret it. I have written the tiramisu recipe below, so save it and recreate ️

Ingredients (6-8 people):
3 egg yolks
125g icing sugar
250g mascarpone
280ml double cream
Approx 30-35 sponge fingers (I got mine from )
110ml espresso
150ml Cazcabel coffee tequila (available on Amazon)
3tbsp cocoa powder

1. Whisk the egg yolks and sugar until smooth. I used my ️
2. Add the mascarpone and whisk again until smooth. Add in the cream and whisk for a few minutes until thickened and it holds its shape.
3. Add your coffee and tequila to a bowl that is easy to dip sponge fingers in! Dip your sponge fingers quickly on each side, one by one, then lay them across the bottom of a deep dish in rows. Add just under half of your cream mixture ontop of the spong mixer and spread it out evenly. Now add the next layer of sponge fingers, dipping them in the coffee mixture again then laying them in rows.
4. Pipe or spread on the rest of the cream mixture (I piped as it looks a little more pretty but it makes no difference to the taste). Refrigerate covered overnight for best results, or for a few hours if you are in a rush. Before serving, sieve the cocoa powder ontop. Serve with coffee tequila over ice for the perfect after dinner combo.

*Please drink responsibly

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  2. Well tiramisu is my favourite dessert and tequila is my fave drink so I NEED to make this absolutely incredible

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